• Attic Ventilation
With the Florida heat, attic temperatures can rise to triple digits which destroys roofs from the inside. With attic fans and proper ventilation, your home will stay much cooler, reducing energy costs and keep your roof secure.
Newly completed roofs need maintenance like a car. At Kuzak, we have a maintenance program that keeps your roof warranty valid and the life of the roof intact.
Skylight Leak Repair & Installs
Roof Inspections can prevent costly repairs.

Kuzak Roof Maintenance
(321) 317-0789
Services Include:
Steep Slopes
Low Slopes
Ashphalt & Composit Shingles
Ceder Shake Shingles
Clay, Concrete & Slate Tile
Metal Roofs
Flat Roofs
Roof Cleaning
Vent Installation
Skylight Installation
Roof Cleaning
Roof Coating 
Roof Painting
Wood Shake Staining
Fascia Replacement
Gutter Cleaning

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